“All must be friends, all must be loved, all must be held dear, all must be helped” Saint Teresa of Jesus


According to our Statutes, the purpose of the Association is:

to give ecclesial expression to the life of communion in Christ between the member‑Monasteries

It fulfils this by:

  • Encouraging each Sister in our living of the Teresian charism as contemplative women in the service of the Church and the world
  • Promoting understanding, trust and friendship between the member Monasteries and with all our Carmelite Sisters and Brothers
  • Providing a means of communication for sharing ways we live our Teresian Carmelite life in the context of our times and particular cultures
  • Facilitating mutual assistance among the Monasteries in whatever way is needed, particularly formation
  • Enabling an effective voice in communicating with the Holy See, our Carmelite Superiors and secular bodies